“Meditation is the window to the soul. Go sit quietly in the window and watch the world pass by.”

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You may have heard the saying that “our inner world creates our outer world.” This means that what goes on inside of us (our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs) create what we perceive as reality outside of us.

There is a lot of talk out there about ways to change your reality, ways to actively create your outer world and bring your dreams to life. Before you run screaming for your browser’s navigation buttons, I’m not some self-professed guru who has all the answers.

I do know a few things about meditation, however. If you’re anything like me, you’ve listened to many of those gurus, and worked to clear your mind, let go of your thoughts, or control your thoughts. And, if you’re anything like me, those things are much easier said than done.

When I try to clear my mind, it lasts for about two milliseconds. Then I think about the bills I have to pay. Or all the things on my to do list that haven’t been done. Or what my youngest son is getting into right now–it’s awfully quiet. Or what to make for dinner. Or…fill in the blank.

My mind has endless thoughts to keep itself busy. And trying to quiet it, or clear it, is like trying NOT to think about pink elephants when someone says “Don’t think about pink elephants.”

So in an effort to get the benefits of meditation, without the frustration of not being able to quiet my mind, I learned about guided meditation.

Guided Meditation is like the bridge between your normal waking mind, and the elusive clear, quiet mind. Guided meditation takes you on a journey, giving you some of the pieces, and letting your mind fill in the rest. By giving your mind something to focus on, it gets the mind out of the way, and allows the still, small voice to be heard.

I invite you to give it a try, by downloading the guided meditation .mp3 audio file for “Creating Sacred Space.” Yes, I will ask for your name and email address. I won’t clog your inbox with “special offers” or tons of lengthy emails. From time to time, I will share my successes with you, or interesting tips I have learned about meditation, and other guided meditations.

You can also check out my blog.  I offer my musings, and links to articles about meditation and guided meditation. You can find out about life coaching and other tools for connecting with Divine Source.

Wishing you Peace, Love, Joy and Infinite Blessings,

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7 thoughts on “Guided Meditation”

  • oh, my ipod was dead while I was taking the plane back from a visit with my parents- a long trek due to weather delays- and I was really missing your guided meditations that I often have with me on trips; from my daily commute to longer trips, your meditations really do bridge that distance from the busy side of my mind to the quiet place I know is there.

  • I’ve tried many meditation techniques, in the process of developing my own website and a book on meditation. Guided meditation is a very effective method. I’m anxious to explore your website and try your meditations. Thank you for the work that you’re doing. Curt

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  • Thank you, Curt! Your site is well written, and you have some great meditations on there! Thank you as well for helping spread the word about meditation. I’d love to read your book when you have it ready.


  • I agree totally with you that it is hard to just clear your head and say I am going to meditate as there is really so much bogging us down. Thank you for your offer Mary. I don’t know it will help but music and meditation does go well with me … sometimes. I used some of the free royalty free music from the company where I work with and did some group meditation with a bunch of friends once and then did a post mortem discussion on how it went for us. It was a little awkward being a group thing but went rather well and was fun. Thanks again Mary.

  • Thanks for the resource! I do use music under my guided meditations, because I find it helps to block out some of the other distractions…it keeps the mind entertained longer! I’m always looking for more music to use, so I appreciate the link.


  • Well i think that meditation is natural to the mind. It isn’t something you learn to do, it is an ability that you discover.

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  • That’s a great perspective! I love it! We unlearn that state of having a peaceful, quiet mind, and then we have to uncover it again.

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