Walks With the Goddess

Have you been longing to connect with the Goddess? Each Walks With the Goddess guided meditation takes you on a journey with a different face of the Divine Feminine, to learn her Mysteries and uncover your power.

Quite a number of years ago, when I was quite new on my spiritual journey, I ran a Women’s Circle. Each month I chose a different Goddess to learn about to be able to share with the other women.

I quickly became frustrated in my searches for guided meditation scripts that addressed the lessons each Goddess had taught me, mainly through her myths, but sometimes from other research I had found. So I began to write my own.

Goddess Guided Meditations

I see the Divine/Spirit/All That Is as a giant, multi-faceted gemstone. All the Gods and Goddesses from all the religions and mythologies around the world are each a different facet of the whole. Without them, Spirit/Divine/All That Is would be an unshaped lump. Each God and Goddess adds a certain brilliance to Source. By learning more about the different Gods and Goddesses, we can come to understand the greater whole just a little bit more.

There is another benefit to learning about the deities of different cultures – we find that we are not so different after all, and we get a little closer to unity.

Each meditation has changed subtly over the years, as I have grown and learned more about each individual Goddess. I hope you enjoy these Walks With the Goddess. May you be blessed with a deeper understanding of the Divine within you.