Spiritual Grounding Guided Meditation

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The Prosperity Priestess
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Do you want to jump into the deep end and get immersed in spirit right away?

GROUNDING is the Guided Meditation that creates a strong, safe, stable foundation for your spiritual journey.

Grounding is something that all spiritual practitioners do – even the most advanced. The more you advance, the more you see its necessary to balance your energy and return negative energy to the earth.

One of my mentors said, “Grounding is as essential as breathing."

What is grounding?

In electrical terms, grounding is a common return path for current, or a direct connection with the Earth. It is used to prevent a build up of static or excess current.

Everything is energy, including you. So it makes sense that what is a good idea for conducting electricity is a good idea for your energetic body.

Why is spiritual grounding a good idea?

In our everyday lives, we are surrounded by technology – computers, cell phones, fluorescent lights, television, microwaves, and everything else in your home or office that runs on electricity. All of this creates an excess of positive ions. Now you’d think positive ions would be a good thing. But not so much.

A positive ion is a particle that loses an electron. It is not as able to process oxygen, and an excess of positive ions can cause us to feel depressed, nauseous, insomnia, irritable, and exhausted, and give headaches and other pain.

So we need a way to shed those positive ions, or balance them out with negative ions. And that is where grounding comes in.

Three Ways to Ground Your Energy:
  1. The simplest is to stand barefoot on the ground. Grass or bare earth is preferable for this to cement or pavement. This provides you with a direct physical connection to the Earth, just like an electrical ground, so any excess or harmful energy can be sent back to the Earth. Some people use stones or crystals to create this connection with the Earth.
  2. You can ground by stepping into the ocean or any source of running water. Running water is an excellent source of negative ions. Even taking a shower can help balance out the positive and negative ions.
  3. One of the wonderful things about spiritual grounding is that if you live in a city with very little green space or far from the ocean, you can do it by visualizing. This full-length meditation will guide you through a visualization to help you ground your energy. Grounding is one of the 3 Guided Meditations available in the Fundamentals Set of Guided Meditations. Protection Shield, Grounding, & Creating Sacred Space.
Life Coach Sayward

The Walks Within Guided Meditation Fundamental Bundle

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