Power Walks Within

“As you walk within, may you truly unlock the power that walks within you.” Spiritual Power Quote by Mary Malinski, Prosperity Priestess.

Each of us has access to immense power.  It is right inside of each of us.  We create and shape the world around us each and every day, merely by controlling our thoughts.

What?  You find this challenging?

Me too.

We may all have access to this great power, but it is guarded by a gatekeeper.  Some call it the sentry, some call it the monkey mind, some call it the ego.  Whatever you call it, it sure is noisy.  The gatekeeper introduces doubt and fear, and distracts us with all kinds of things from bills to chores to what’s on tv.

The guided meditations in the Power Walks Within series help you to get past the gatekeeper to reconnect you with your inner powers: