5 Beginner Tips For Giving Great Tarot Card Readings

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Embarking on the journey of tarot card reading can be both exciting and mystifying for beginners. Whether you're drawn to the art for personal insight or to offer guidance to others, mastering the basics is crucial. In this blog, we'll explore five essential tips that serve as a foundation for delivering great tarot card readings and unraveling the mysteries of this ancient divination practice.


1. Establishing a Sacred Space for Tarot Readings

Creating an Atmosphere of Serenity:
Before diving into a tarot reading, it's crucial to establish a sacred space. This can be a quiet room, a cozy corner, or any space where you feel a sense of calm. Creating an atmosphere of serenity enhances your connection with the cards and allows both you and the querent to focus on the reading without distractions.

Choosing Meaningful Tools and Decor:
Personalize your sacred space with meaningful tools and decor. Select a cloth for your tarot cards, and incorporate crystals, candles, or other spiritual elements that resonate with you. These items not only add to the ambiance but also serve as a conduit for positive energy during the reading.

Setting Clear Intentions:
As a beginner, set clear intentions before each tarot reading. This helps in channeling your energy and ensures that the insights gained are focused and purposeful. Whether seeking personal guidance or offering readings to others, establishing intentions contributes to the overall effectiveness of the tarot experience.

2. Developing a Connection with Your Tarot Cards

Understanding the Symbolism:
Each tarot card is a rich tapestry of symbolism, and as a beginner, taking the time to understand these symbols is paramount. Dive into the meanings of each card, exploring the traditional interpretations and allowing room for personal insights. This foundational knowledge forms the basis for meaningful and accurate reading.

Building a Personal Connection:
Beyond the conventional meanings, aim to build a personal connection with your tarot cards. Spend time meditating on each card, allowing its energy to resonate with you. As you establish a rapport with your deck, your intuition will play a more significant role in interpreting the cards during readings.

Practicing Regularly:
Mastery comes with practice. Regularly engage with your tarot cards, even if it's a daily draw for personal reflection. The more familiar you become with your deck, the more confident and connected you'll feel during readings. Consistent practice hones your interpretative skills and deepens your relationship with the cards.

3. Honing Intuition and Trusting Inner Guidance

Tapping into Your Intuition:
While understanding the symbolism is crucial, tarot readings also rely heavily on intuition. As a beginner, trust your instincts when interpreting cards. Pay attention to your initial impressions, emotions, and images that come to mind. Over time, you'll find that your intuitive insights enhance the depth and accuracy of your readings.

Allowing Space for Inner Guidance:
Create a quiet mental space during tarot readings to allow for inner guidance. Silence the external noise and trust the subtle nudges from your inner self. The intuitive messages received can offer profound insights, making your readings more authentic and resonant.

Embracing Mistakes as Learning Opportunities:
In the journey of tarot reading, mistakes are part of the learning process. Embrace them with openness and view each misstep as an opportunity for growth. Trusting your inner guidance involves acknowledging and learning from errors, ultimately refining your skills and becoming a more adept reader.

4. Crafting Meaningful and Open-Ended Questions

Encouraging Reflective Queries:
The quality of a tarot reading often hinges on the questions asked. Encourage querents to frame open-ended, reflective queries that invite deeper insights. Instead of yes-or-no questions, prompt them to explore the nuances of their situations. This approach fosters more profound contemplation and richer responses from the cards.

Guiding Querents Towards Empowerment:
As a tarot reader, guide your querents towards empowering questions. Encourage them to focus on aspects of their lives they can influence and change. This not only enhances the relevance of the reading but also empowers individuals to take an active role in shaping their destinies.

Nurturing a Safe and Supportive Environment:
Create a safe and supportive environment for querents to express their concerns and ask questions openly. A non-judgmental space encourages honesty and vulnerability, allowing the tarot cards to provide guidance that is both insightful and compassionate.

5. Cultivating a Reflective and Ethical Practice

Post-Reading Reflection:
After completing a tarot reading, take time for post-reading reflection. Consider the insights gained, the connections between cards, and the overall energy of the session. Reflecting on your readings enhances your understanding of the cards and refines your interpretative skills over time.

Respecting Client Confidentiality:
For those offering tarot readings to others, maintaining client confidentiality is paramount. Respect the privacy of queries and ensure that the information shared during readings remains confidential. This establishes trust and reinforces the ethical foundation of your tarot practice.

Continued Learning and Growth:
Tarot reading is a lifelong journey of learning and growth. Stay open to expanding your knowledge, exploring different decks, and incorporating diverse reading spreads. The evolving nature of your practice contributes to a richer and more nuanced understanding of the cards.


In the realm of tarot card reading, beginners are invited to embrace the mystique with open hearts and minds. By establishing a sacred space, developing a connection with the cards, honing intuition, framing meaningful questions, and cultivating a reflective practice, you lay the groundwork for giving great tarot card readings. Whether for personal insight or guiding others, these tips serve as a compass on your journey into the captivating world of tarot. If you are looking for tarot card reading, then reach out to The Prosperity Priestess. Are you looking for some insight but don’t necessarily want to commit to life coaching? I am now offering tarot reading as a way to connect to your guides and get the information you are looking for!

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