Finding Your Purpose Guided Meditation

The Prosperity Priestess
Price: $9.97

Why am I here?  What is my purpose in the world?

These are common questions I hear in my coaching quite frequently, and I ask them of myself from time to time.  It’s hard enough to answer for myself, and I definitely cannot answer it for you.  I can, however, provide the space for you to tune in and listen for the answer inside you.

Everything you need is right there, inside you, right now.  The trick is being able to quiet the mind, and listen to the wisdom of your Higher Self.  So sit back, relax, and turn on the “tv” for your mind with this guided meditation.

Life Coach Sayward

Power Walks Within Guided Meditation Series

Included in the Power Walks Within Guided Meditation Set:

  1. 11 Power Walks Within Guided Meditations (Natural Childbirth not included in this collection)
  2. Creating Sacred Space
  3. Protection Shield
  4. AND Spiritual Grounding

That’s almost 4 hours of guided meditation to help you uncover the Power that Walks Within you!

Power Walks Within Guided Meditation Series Price: $97.00